1. Why did you decide to do an internship in Cape Town?

I wanted to improve my English skills and therefore visit an English-speaking country. There are plenty English-speaking countries in the world but I really liked the idea of skipping German winter – that’s what made me choose Cape Town in the end.


  1. What were your concerns before you came here?

Upon my arrival I had some concerns regarding safety issues since I had never been to South Africa before. I read many articles about crime in Cape Town and spoke to many people that had been here before. On the one hand I read some very horrifying stories, which actually made me questioning my whole trip. On the other hand I had some friends that had been here before that told me not to be too anxious. So far nothing has happened to me. Everyone I’ve met was very friendly, helpful and open-minded. I think, as long as you follow certain safety rules it is unlikely to get into dangerous situations.


  1. What do you enjoy most here in Cape Town and would you come back?

I’ll definitely come back. I need to. South Africa is such a beautiful country with wild nature and great sceneries. Even in Cape Town itself there are so many things to do: Hiking Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, having Pizza for sunset on Signal Hill, chilling at one of Clifton’s beaches, trying various food from all over the world at the Old Biscuit Mill Market, shopping at V&A Waterfront or staying out late on Long Street– to name only some of them. My highlight within the last two month was probably the paragliding for sunrise.


  1. What advice would you give to other interns wanting to come to Cape Town?

Just do it! You will have a great time, meet new exciting people and get to know the work environment in South Africa.


  1. Fun Fact: What fortune would you want to get from a fortune cookie?

I’d like to get the fortune that I will come back to South Africa again and explore the country a little more. Time flies in Cape Town!