Find a New Job with Us

See how we can work for you

Find a New Job with Us

See how we can work for you

Find a New Job with Us

See how we can work for you

Why Choose Us?

No Service Fee

You will never be charged a fee of any kind. We spend time getting to know each of our candidates through extensive personal, telephonic or Skype interviews .

Plenty of Opportunities

We can introduce your CV to a comprehensive range of job opportunities with SA companies, some are willing to assist with permits for foreign nationals.

Experts at Your Fingertips

We take a personal approach. We are here to help you achieve your goals and can give you expert advice on industries, salaries and career paths.

From Start to Contract

We handle your entire application process from start to contract. We support you and help with preparations for client interviews and negotiations.

Begin Your Journey with Us

Our processes are simple and effective. We want to team up with you and together we can find your perfect opportunity.

Our Process

Your Questions Answered

Depending on the role it can be as fast as 1 week between submission of the CV and receipt of the offer letter. Kindly be advised that timelines will depend on the clients, and they may have leave, holidays etc.

Normally anything between 1 and 3, occasionally 4 interviews. If for a technical role, expect an assessment.

The first call is with us, the agency. Thereafter with HR from the client and then the hiring manager.

We will keep you updated by email or by phone (WhatsApp or call).

  1. Know the job role well
  2. Know the company and the industry
  3. Anticipate questions and practice interviewing
  4. Dress to impress, the first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one