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Job Title
General Manager Lodge - Hospitality
Employment Type
Full Time
3 to 5 years
R35000 to R45000
Job Published
07 September 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Take charge of the operations of the lodge and all its departments.


As the General Manager, one should act as the bridge between all lodge departments, management, employee’s, and the Board.

While co-ordinating the operation, you will also ensure that the guests have a memorable stay.


Directly and in-directly supervise all the employees and ensure proper execution of all offices and related duties.


Direct all the employee’s and co-ordinate the activities of the front of house, back of house, bar, kitchen, laundry, guest services and maintenance departments.


Must have an excellent level of commercial awareness and be able to build and maintain relationships with local and international guests and will also be responsible for highlighting short/medium/long-term issues to the Board and to help in finding solutions.


Responsible for the management of all aspects and functions of the lodge, in accordance with lodge standards and policies.


The General Manager is also required to assist in the preparation of the monthly and annual budgeting and forecasting processes and reports as well as being able to stand in for the Manager/s, of administration, food & beverage, client liaison and front and back of house when required.





  1. Ensure smooth and efficient operations through prompt, effective and proper service to achieve maximum room revenue to meet or exceed the revenue target. Implement and maintain lodge policies and the operational standards.


  1. Ensure that check-in procedures are strictly adhered to and that the correct contact details and charge out details are obtained from each guest.


  1. Schedules, evaluates, and supervises the employee’s, workloads, and shifts, and ensures a harmonious working team is developed and maintained.


  1. Maintains working relationships and communicates with all departments. Ensure that a safe and clean working environment is implemented and maintained in accordance with legal and lodge standards.


  1. Maintains master key control.


  1. Ensure that accurate room status information is maintained and properly communicated.


  1. Ensures that group and or FIT information is received and updated in the required format and with sufficient detail. Maintains, monitors, and prepares group and FIT requirements. Relays information to appropriate personnel and follow-up to ensure that all communication has been received, acknowledged, and understood.


  1. Display exceptional leadership by providing a positive work environment, counselling as appropriate and demonstrate a dedicated and professional approach to management.


  1. Provide positive direction for all day-to-day operations to all the departments of the lodge.


  1. Understand employee’s positions well enough to perform duties in employee’s absence or determine appropriate replacement to fill gaps.


  1. Provide guidance and direction to all employee’s, including the setting of performance standards and monitoring performance.


  1. Utilises interpersonal and communication skills to positively lead and influence all the employees.


  1. Demonstrate, problem solving, employee training and team leading capabilities.


  1. Pro-actively ensures that all safety and fire-fighting equipment are maintained and serviced according to insurance requirements.


  1. Ensure that an asset register is kept and updated when necessary. Pro-actively ensure that all the lodge assets and equipment are regularly inspected and properly maintained.


  1. Manage and motivate the employees to provide a high standard of service for guests.


  1. Welcome guests and foster customer loyalty through his/her friendly manner.


  1. Develop quality relationships with guests throughout their stay.


  1. Handles any quest complaints or contentious issues that cannot be settled directly by team members to provide a quick and effective solution. Resolves guest problems quickly, efficiently and courteously.


  1. Oversee and supervises guest arrivals and departures with all relevant support staff.


  1. Management of debtors, group and individual guest invoicing and cash operations.


  1. Review arrival list for all arrivals, manage room allocations and special requests.


  1. Prepare monthly and daily revenue reports and present to the In addition, manage and do daily updates, receipt capturing and cash balancing of the lodge’s petty cash.


  1. Prepare room revenue and occupancy forecast, act on rate strategies.


  1. Observe and ensure that proper telephone manners are always maintained.


  1. Involved in recruitment of new team members for front of house.


  1. Integrate and train employees, providing support for skills development.


  1. Ensure that all employees are well presented (uniforms, personal hygiene, etc.) and punctual.


  1. Ensures that the workplace remains clean and tidy. Conducts regular inspections of all rooms/tents, public, back of house areas and employee’s quarters to ensure that it is properly kept and maintained according to the Board’s and industry


  1. Ensure that all public areas are always clean, well maintained, decorated, and equipped as per the Board’s and industries standards.


  1. Ensure team members are current with regards to their knowledge of lodge products, services, facilities, events, pricing and policies and knowledge of the local area and events.


  1. Have a good knowledge and understanding of all systems and standard operating procedures of the lodge. Ensure that accurate records and reports are kept and up to date, in electronic and in hard copy format.


  1. Ensure that guest documentation and information are available and up-to-date and that such information shall be treated and or dealt with in accordance with the lodge’s confidentiality policy.


  1. Ensure employee’s uniforms are clean and personal appearance are clean and professional.


  1. Maintain confidentiality of proprietary information and protect company assets. Manage and execute HR administrative duties.


  1. When required by the Board, stand in and suitably execute the tasks and duties of the Manager of administration, food & beverage, client liaison and front/back of house when so required and ensure the proper handover of the duties and tasks to a suitably qualified substitute.


  1. Ensure that all departments stock levels are constantly kept at required levels, with reference to food and beverage (including stock rotation), cleaning and maintenance, curio shop and administration needs.


  1. Be able to perform additional duties as requested by the Board as and when required.