What is your favourite beach in Cape Town?

I have always wondered what that very looong beach was one sees from Chapman’s Peak Drive, until I eventually took the off-ramp and discovered Nordhoek Beach. What an impressive and beautiful beach! The perfect place for extended walks and for taking a deep breath after a hectic week. In the evenings I can highly recommend one of the concerts at Café Roux in Nordhoek. They mostly host local artists such as Donovan Copley or Grassy Spark.


If you got stuck in the elevator and were forced to listen to only one song, which would it be?

At the moment it would be Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata. At least I could dance until the elevator operates again.


What have you learned from AKA Recruitment International?

How exciting International Recruitment is and that it is even more fun amongst a great team!


What are three things still left on your bucket list?

To be honest: I do not have one. Every day I am open to new surprises and could just add more onto my bucket list. But generally I would really like to do paragliding (funny enough across the Alps), visiting a Jazz-Bar in Soweto and listen to the nice sound of Township-Jazz… and last but not least: I would love to explore more of the beauty of South Africa.


If you could live anywhere on this planet and take everything that you love with you, where would you choose to live.

I have just packed up everything for South Africa and unpacked it this side. It is good to be where I am 🙂


What do you think you will be doing 20 years from now? 

20 years??? I will be close to retirement then 😉 Well, hopefully still as happy and busy the way I am at the moment.


Katharina will be in Germany from 8th – 15th May for a Recruitment Roadshow.  Click the pic below for more details on her itinerary and where you can catch up with her!